As we gather to celebrate the vibrant spirit of our community at the IRMO International Festival, it is a pleasure and gratitude that we want to acknowledge and thank all our incredible sponsors, entertainers, and vendors.

This festival would not be extraordinary without the talented entertainers who have graced our stages. They have filled the air with their melodies, energized us with their performances, and created an unforgettable atmosphere that will remain in our memories.

We extend our appreciation to our vendors who have brought a wealth of flavors, colors, and experiences to our festival. From mouthwatering delicacies to stunning crafts.

To our sponsors, your corporate sponsorship and partnership have been an incredible benefit to the IRMO International Festival. Your kindness and generosity have allowed us to bring together artists, performers, and vendors from all walks of life, creating an unforgettable experience for all who attended.

Cheers to all the entertainers, sponsors, and vendors who have made this festival an extraordinary celebration of art, culture, food, and families. 

The emcee this year is Dara Khaalid and Billie Jean Shaw.

We wanted to thank our stage host Dara Khalid who guided us through the festival for the first half of the day and stage host Billie Jean Shaw who showed enthusiastic energy during the 2nd half of the day of the festival. 

All Day Stage DJ/Sound: 

FADE Entertainment 

Jamie Brunson

Jamie and the FADE Entertainment has left a lasting impact on all of us. Your music selection, seamless transitions, and impeccable timing have set the stage on fire.