Past Years


We want to thank all our Enterainers and Vendors 


Emcee this year is Dara Khaalid and Billie Jean Shaw.

All Day Stage DJ/Sound: FADE Entertainment Jamie Brunson

Stage Host: Dara Khalid 1st half of day 

Stage Host: Billie Jean Shaw 2nd half of day 

11:00 AM Stage Opening Ceremony

11:15 AM Story Telling Tent Leah Stuhler The Woman Who Flummoxed the Faeries

11:30 AM Stage East Point Academy Dancers

11:45 AM Story Telling Tent Leah Stuhler The Brownie of Fern Glen

12:00 PM Stage Srishti Dance Academy 

12:15 PM Story Telling Tent Mary Kennerly 50 Years of Change in Irmo

12:30 PM Stage Indian Dancing

12:45 PM Story Telling Tent Arunima Sinha Tales from India

1:00 PM Stage Hindu Temple Dancers

1:15 PM Story Telling Tent James Washington Irmo Oral History Project

1:30 PM Stage GRUV DANCE Academy

1:45 PM Story Telling Tent Leah Stuhler The Woman Who Flummoxed the Faeries

2:00 PM Start & end at stage Internatinal Walking Parade

2:15 PM Story Telling Tent Emily Wouterse Tales from the Netherlands

2:30 PM Stage

2:45 PM Story Telling Tent Simone Feast Tales from France/US

3:00 PM Stage Irmo Music Academy

3:15 PM Story Telling Tent Dan Koon Swiss German Cultural Influences in Irmo

3:30 PM Stage Art Awards ceremony

3:45 PM Story Telling Tent Emmanuel Omari Tales from Ghana

4:00 PM to 6pm Stage Rhythm 54 

4:15 PM Story Telling Tent Natalia Hidalgo Tales from Spain

4:30 PM Story Telling Tent Lucca Ferreira Tales from Brazil

5:00 PM Stage Closing Ceremony